Faith is the most practical force in the world. Faith drives everyone and everything. Everyone has faith of some kind and it’s the primary power in people’s lives. We may not know it or admit it, but all our actions flow out of what we believe about ourselves, others, the world, goodness, evil, morals, God, and so on.

The question is not whether we have faith, it’s “What’s our faith in? What do we actually believe?”

Don’t believe in yourself

Most motivational books and videos start with ‘Believing in yourself.’ That’s about the very worst thing you can do. I want you to begin by doubting yourself. Do not trust yourself. You are not a reliable guide. You need something or someone outside of yourself that you can rely on as the arbiter of what’s true or false.

 Believe in the Word of God

That something is the Word of God, the Bible, the Old and New Testaments. You must put your faith in this book from cover to cover. This must be your guide in everything. It must be what you trust regardless of how it contradicts what you have believed up to this point or how it contradicts what the world teaches. This is the foundation of your life. It’s how you learn how to accomplish your chief end and primary aim: to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Believe in Jesus Christ

But faith in the Bible is not enough. You must have faith in the person behind the Bible, at the center of the Bible, and who is presented by the Bible – Jesus Christ. Faith in the facts is vital but not saving. It’s faith in Christ that saves. Faith in Christ means putting your whole hope of salvation in him alone. It’s not Christ plus works. It’s not Christ plus obedience. It’s not Christ plus church. It’s not Christ plus my best efforts. It’s not Christ plus Christian service. It’s Christ alone. It’s looking at Christ’s cross and saying, “That’s exactly what my sins deserved. I trust that Christ is there suffering in my place.” It’s looking at Christ’s perfect obedience and saying, “I add nothing, but take it as my righteousness.”

Action: Believe the whole Bible and the whole Christ

So, don’t trust yourself. Believe the whole Bible and believe the whole Christ. Your action item this week is to ask God to increase your faith in the Bible and in Christ. Make this a daily prayer for the next week. “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.” “Lord, increase my faith.” If you have any doubt in God’s Word or in Christ, confess that and pray that God would replace doubt with faith.

Let nothing contradict the Bible and let nothing be added to Christ. The Bible alone and Christ alone. The whole Bible and the whole Christ. Put your entire faith in them and you will find them the most practical forces in the world. You’ll find the details of practice, you’ll find the power to practice, and you’ll find full and free forgiveness for failure to practice.

Real men trust God not themselves

Discussion Questions

1. List the obstacles to you believing the whole Bible or putting your faith in Christ alone for salvation?

2. What have you done and what can you do to remove these doubts, questions, and confusion?

3. What are the practical results and evidences of faith in your life? List five truths you believe and how that influences you.

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