Have you ever heard of “The Ten Pleasures?” That’s another way to view the Ten Commandments. Although most of the commandments are stated negatively, each negative also implies a positive, and each prohibition of vice enjoins a pleasure in virtue. The Ten Commandments therefore imply ten pleasures to pursue.

      1. Enjoy the pleasure of knowing, worshipping and serving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
      2. Enjoy the pleasure of worshipping God in ways that He approves, loves, rewards, and responds to.
      3. Enjoy the pleasure of speaking and singing about God’s beautiful persons, names, attributes, and acts.
      4. Enjoy the pleasure of six days working in God’s calling for you and then enjoy the freedom of one full day off work to worship God and rest.
      5. Enjoy the pleasure of loving and following the leaders God has placed in your life for your temporal and eternal good.
      6. Enjoy the pleasure of healthy attitudes and activities that will improve the quality and length of your life.
      7. Enjoy every physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual pleasure with the wife/husband God has given you.
      8. Enjoy the pleasure of growing wealth in order to provide for your family and to bless others with loving generosity.
      9. Enjoy the pleasure of praising others and of promoting all that is true, beautiful, and good.
      10. Enjoy the pleasure of being thankful and content with all that God has given you.

When the Ten Commandments are understood in this way, Psalm 1 and others like it begin to make huge sense. “Oh, how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day” (Ps. 119:97).

Real men find pleasure in God’s law.


  1. What effects should flow from viewing the Ten Commandments as Ten Pleasures?
  2. Which commandment do you find it hard to associate with pleasure and why?
  3. What can you do or believe to make the Ten Commandments more like Ten Pleasures for you?

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