Saying sorry is for wimps, right? Real men don’t apologize. Nothing could be further from the truth. Repentance is one of the most masculine exercises you can engage in. It requires courage, strength, resolution, perseverance, and honesty. Real men repent.

Repentance always accompanies faith

Christ’s first sermon was “Repent and believe the Gospel” (Mark 1:15). Turning to Christ in faith means turning from sin with sorrow. Repentance and faith are two sides of the same coin. The coin is worth nothing without both sides. We cannot believe in Christ without repenting from sin. And we cannot repent from sin without believing in Christ.

Repent and believe, repent and believe, repent and believe, That’s the heartbeat of the Christian life and both should beat loudly in the hearts of Christian men. That will pump vigor and strength into your spiritual bloodstream. This will energize you and carry the oxygen of forgiveness through Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit into every part of your life.

 Repentance rebuilds manhood

Why is repentance so foundational to Christian manhood. First, because sin offends God. He hates sin and fights against it with all his might. If we want his blessing we must flee from what he hates.

Second, it weakens us. All of us know this in our experience. None of us have ever been made stronger, more godly, or more manly by sin. Sin not only emasculates, it dehumanizes us.

Third, it’s important because we want to be an example to others. People will not follow our leadership if they see that we are in bondage to the slave master of sin.

Repentance empowers obedience

But repentance is not only about turning from sin, it’s about turning to obedience. It’s not just about negatives but about positives. It’s not just about stopping evil it’s about starting good.

Action: Repent from a specific sin

How much of a man are you? Man enough to repent from the biggest sin in your life? Name it right now. Have the courage and honesty to write it down. Look at it and see what God thinks of it, how it is destroying you, and damaging your witness. Now bravely turn to God, confess it, and find forgiveness. Determine with God’s help to hate it and fight against it with all your might. Then, turn to the opposite. If it’s anger, turn to kindness. If it’s porn, start treating the women in your life with love, respect, dignity, and honor.

Real men repent.

Discussion Questions

1. What specific sins are you repenting of, and what are you doing to turn away from them and to the opposite virtue?

2. Repentance may involve not only saying sorry to God, but also to people we have offended. Pick one person you have offended and go seek their forgiveness by confessing your sin against them.

3. Pick the biggest sin in your life and write down three Bible verses to help you defeat it.

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