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Male student takes stand against ‘toxic masculinity’ narrative
Here’s a brave man. I think he overstates his case a bit but makes good points.

What does the Bible say to America’s masculinity crisis?
Worrying research.

In all three areas, the study revealed a stunning reluctance to assume the obligations that are traditionally associated with these basic social structures. Instead of accepting these responsibilities as a part of adulthood, the study showed a concerted effort to redefine each role in order to preserve autonomy.

41 Deposits

As my son crashed through puberty and began maturing as a young man, I wanted to make sure I was doing more than just shuttling him from one basketball practice to the next and keeping him in the right shorts and shoes. I wanted to intentionally make certain wisdom deposits into his mind and certain relational deposits into his heart to allow him the best chance to thrive in his life and work. My plan? Bagels and heartfelt conversation, extended over time.

Read on for some great ideas to disciple your sons. I wish I’d read this 20 years ago.

Not Safe, But Good: The Men We Desperately Need Today

When we teach about masculinity, do qualities like strength, initiative, zeal, and courage make our list? When we assess men for church office, and when we look for small group leaders and godly mentors, do we commend men who would make good shepherds — industrious, passionate, resilient men, able to corral sheep and willing to combat wolves?

Do we celebrate male strength, courage, zeal, and initiative because we know these are required in order to guard, protect, subdue, and lead? Such men of God who are gentle exactly because they are first strong?