Required Reading

When Old They’ll Still Bear Fruit
One to encourage our older men:

“Growing old is really hard, but there are unique benefits that come to the friends and family of those who age well in Jesus Christ. Here are a few of the blessings we counted together:”

Stop Loving Your Spouse Too Much
“I’ll let C.S. Lewis have the last word: “When I have learned to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now. . . . When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased.””

Friendship is Powerful
“God has designed friendships to be extraordinarily powerful in our lives and in Jesus’ kingdom. So let’s give thanks to and for our friends. Let’s move beyond enjoying our friendships and consider how God may use us in our friends’ lives to bring them nearer to God and His great purpose for their lives.”

How to Fight When You Fail
“I’m writing for the Christian who’s reading this a few hours after you’ve fallen sexually. I’m thinking of the deacon who has just exploded in anger at his children. Or the campus ministry leader who went to college with every intention of following Jesus, but is now waking up with a hangover and can’t remember what she did the night before. I’m writing for the pastor who told a lie in last night’s elder meeting. Or the Bible study leader who became Peter-the-Denier when her upper-class neighbor asked her if she really thinks that everyone who does not believe in Jesus Christ will go to hell.”

A Game Plan for Discipling Men in the Church
“Jonathan Leeman asked two TGC Council members, John Onwuchekwa and Juan Sánchez, how their churches go about discipling and training men in the faith. They discussed the need to give certain men (besides the pastor) opportunities for teaching and leadership. Pastors must avoid the temptation to micromanage everything in the church—instead giving other men chances to lead things they initiate.”