Required Reading

Book Review of Raising Kids in a “You Can Do It” World by Paul Tautges
“Written in simple terms, this booklet is an important milestone for raising children with a biblical perspective about themselves: neither self-deprecating nor self-exalting, but grateful to our Redeemer for creating us and giving us life and purpose in Christ.”

6 things you need to know about marriage
“Marriage is one of the instruments God uses for our sanctification. After reflecting on a quarter century of sanctification through marriage, here are some insights we have learned so far.”

Building a peaceful home
“Marriage and children are a blessing, yet both can bring challenges and hardships. Instead of leading to frustration, these can lead to our sanctification. Randy Stinson addresses this and the culture of the family as he teaches us how to building a peaceful home. We hope you enjoy this message.”

Ten Thoughts about the “Billy Graham Rule”
“I personally believe that the rule is wise and ought to be pursued with rigor by Christians who are serious about holiness and witness. So in that spirit, here are ten brief reflections on this particular discipline:”

How you can help teenage girls grow in godliness
“Lindsey Carlson has written a new book for teen girls about discipleship. In this article, Carlson answers a few questions about Growing in Godliness: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Maturing in Christ and what teenager girls need from their parents and mentors.”