Required Reading

7 Principles for Teaching Kids to Interpret the Bible
“While we should certainly take advantage of the expertise of pastors, scholars, and theologians, basic interpretation of the Bible is a necessary task for every believer. Here are seven principles that should guide your efforts as you teach children to interpret the Bible.”

How Men Can Grow in Godliness
“When you want to think of discipline, you have to think of a regimen or exercise that increases a skill. And in respect to godliness, it is regimen or exercises that increase and enhance a man’s godliness. That’s the way to think about it.”

What Should I Do After High School?
A good article for our younger men.

Men: Your Wife Only Needs One Savior
“Men, remember this. The difference maker in your marriage isn’t you, it’s Jesus. Jesus’s presence is what changes everything, not your presence. Your exciting calling is to date your wife, to love your wife, to help your wife become her future glory-self—to help her become the woman she will one day be on the other side of the grave. But your job is not to be your wife’s savior. Your wife needs only one Savior. Your wife needs only one Jesus.”

Where Did Family Come From?
In this article Tim Challies addresses the questions: “What is a family? Where did it come from? Who has the right to define it?” In his second article, God Created Family To Carry Out His Will, Tim writes about the “Why?” question: Why did God create the family.

Don’t Squander the Little Years
“The endless demands of parenting little ones can feel heightened by the fact that this is often the very season of life—late 20s through the 30s—when budding careers are most demanding and precarious. The need to be tirelessly devoted outside the home can tempt young parents to be less devoted inside the home.”

8 Passages to Read about Parenting
Good Bible study material.