Required Reading

Men: Don’t Neglect These 4 Key Spiritual Disciplines

Training Our Kids in a Culture That Affirms Transgenderism
“The essence of manhood isn’t culturally defined. The biblical norms are what they have always been: the fruit of the Spirit expressed in sacrificial servant leadership, protection, and provision. Discipling men and raising boys will mean shaping men to define their masculinity by these ideals.”

3 lessons I learned from my husband about fatherhood
If you’ve experienced fatherlessness, this is a really encouraging article about how the fatherless can vindicate fatherhood in their own parenting journeys.

Pray Against the Devil When You Pray for Your Kids
“As I read through the different Bible texts about the Devil that month, however, I had to ask myself, Do I ever engage in spiritual warfare when I pray for my own children? I pray for spiritual protection for myself often, but I never really intercede for my kids. Through these passages, I learned that waging spiritual warfare on behalf of our kids constitutes a valuable aspect of daily prayer.”

Three Ways to Teach Teens to Think Theologically
“As parents, pastors, youth leaders, and adults tasked with discipling the next generation, we must recognize that a desire to grow in godliness can indeed be developed alongside a teenager’s love for sleep, junk food, and emojis. Stop patronizing teenagers and take them seriously. Invite them, like the Apostle Paul invites Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:7, to think, “for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.””