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5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids about Church History
“Learning about church history can be exciting, uplifting, and often funny. But if taught badly, it can also be turgid, pedestrian, and dull. Those of us who teach children, whether as parents, pastors, or kids workers, have an interest in making it fun and creative, rather than dry and wordy. Here are five ways of doing so that, depending on the age of the child, might be worth considering.”

Don Whitney Video on Family Devotions

Child-Centric Families Dole Out God’s Passive Wrath on Kids
“The best thing we can do as parents is let the Lord lead the family. Too often it feels as if the kids and their aspirations dictate the direction of a family. Turning away from that mentality means seeking the Lord’s will with children in what they pursue. It also means that parents, using their God-given wisdom and considering the overall welfare of the family, have the authority to say, “No.” Such parental leadership models for kids how to live under the rule of God. Let’s love children enough not to let them live on their own terms.”

What are some key lessons to instill in your children?
“Jen Wilkin shares some key lessons she and her husband sought to instill in their children. ”

Captivating children with the beauty of the Gospel
“Children are captivated by the extraordinary, the dazzling, and the spectacular, and the gospel is the most wondrous of all. At our national conference, Andrew Peterson shares how we can feed the imagination and wonder of our children with the beauty of the gospel.”

Little Kids Need Big Biblical Words
“Small kids need big words. Not because they understand everything all at once but because, over time, God uses the inspired words of His Book to convict kids of sin and convince them to repent and believe in Christ.”

Parent Love and Grandparent Love
“Let me offer two ways I believe grandparents can take on a role of spiritual influence in the lives of their grandchildren.”