Required Reading

Men, Biblical Manhood Matters!
“How does the gospel begin to restore manhood? How can men learn to to heed the call of Paul to the Corinthians? “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13″

Two Habits of Successful Parents
“I think every young family would do well to implement two habits. Here is the first habit: find families who have successfully raised children to adulthood, then ask them to tell you how they did it.”

Play-Doh, Flannelgraphs, and Teaching Kids Biblical Theology
“Teaching kids the stories of the Bible is a truly great thing. When we link those stories together and teach them the whole story, teach them biblical theology, we are making a truly great thing even greater still.”

Columns from Tabletalk Magazine
I know a number of you use the Christian Man Academy to mentor younger men. So have a look at the columns in this month’s Tabletalk. “Because of differences in age and in life experience, younger people frequently fail to heed the wisdom of older people and older people sometimes struggle to understand younger people. This issue of Tabletalk seeks to help believers overcome these hurdles by featuring older people writing to younger people and younger people writing to older people on a number of different subjects pertaining to the Christian¬†life.”