Required Reading

How to Be a Happy Husband: Advice to a 15-year-old Son
“This is great advice for all the 15-year-olds out there, a helpful template for all the parents out there, and a much needed reminder to all the husbands out there!”

Male Models
After describing everyday men like Greg, Herb, Jason, Daniel and Ken, Barry York makes this appeal:

Parents, pastors, and mentors need to work diligently to make sure they get their boys out of their little worlds of self-centeredness, off their screens, and away from the idea that it is only being with friends that is important. They need to be around men like these who can model Christ for them and shape them for eternity.

Where are the Men?
Here’s a strong word from Conrad Mbewe:

Adam failed to provide spiritual leadership at the most critical juncture in humanity’s history and we are still paying for it today. Sadly, today’s men are making the same blunder. Women are running the affairs of homes, churches, and nations while they sleep in the backseat.

This criminal negligence by men must be arrested. Men must come out of the shadows where they are hiding behind women and take up the position that God wired them for. They must set an example to their sons of what a mature man is supposed to be. They must start doing so today!

7 Actions to Engage the Men in Your Church
In summary:

  • Acknowledge them
  • Bless them
  • Challenge them
  • Let them fail
  • Listen to them
  • Pray with them
  • Point them to the Father.