Stories of God’s Grace
Thought you would be greatly encouraged by this beautiful testimony.

Matrimony and the Mind: The Need for Husband-Theologians
“Husbands, your wives need you to deeply know the Lord and his ways. She needs you to have thought critically about the gospel. She needs you to have sat in awe at the glory of Christ and be prepared to love her in, and with, truth. Strive, therefore, to be the husband-theologian your marriage calls you to be.”

Four Reasons Why Your Generosity Matters to Your Kids
“Everything you do communicates something to your kids. This thought humbles and, sometimes, terrifies me. Your generosity matters. It matters to you. It matters to God’s Kingdom. And it matters to your kids.”

Parent: You Can Control Your Anger
“The basic problem in controlling anger is not a problem of inability to control yourself, but self-centeredness and poor decision-making about where and when to control yourself and bad habits growing out of both.”   

The root problem is that you have established behavior patterns that you think are impossible to change.  But, through the teaching of the Holy Spirit in his word, you can be free from the tyranny of anger. You can change from habitual anger to habitual peace. Yes, that change is possible!”

Are Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Biblical Constructs?
“Paul wishes to emphasize that his teaching about male headship is not something that is good for some people but not for others. It’s not merely a cultural construct. No, it is a part of God’s creation design, and it is the pattern that must prevail in every church. If that is true, then we ought to honor the headship norm just as all other faithful churches do. And we ought to beware of any attempt to denigrate this teaching as a mere cultural construct that can be set aside. No, this is the word of God, and as Christians we are duty bound to uphold and cherish this teaching.”