99% of successful men get up earlier than the average man and they do so consistently. They also have a regular morning routine; they do same thing every working day.

An Early Routine

I rise at 5.45am. I know that sounds impossible but you can do it without dying. Indeed, if you make this a habit you’ll soon be in such a rhythm, and you will be so motivated by the rewards of an early rise that you will hardly need an alarm clock. I’m often awake at 5.45am on Saturdays and Sundays too, even without setting an alarm.

A Fixed Routine

I don’t read my Bible straight away. I’m too sleepy. So, I brush my teeth, shave, have a shower, dress, and then eat a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and a cup of tea. I’m now revived and raring to go. So it’s time to read my Bible and pray. For more on that see previous videos on personal devotions. I leave the house at 7am to avoid most of the traffic.

That’s my morning ritual. You decide what works best for you. And whatever routine you decide on, stick to it. Then there’s no debate every day about when to get up, what to do first, or what breakfast to eat. That just slows you down and wastes time and energy.

An Energetic Routine

The tone of your day is set in these first few minutes. So start your day as you want to continue. Get up to speed as soon as you can. Execute these steps with energy and decisiveness. Don’t hang about in the shower. Breakfast is not to be savored but swallowed. Engage in worship with determination and focus. Then get out of the door – if you are traveling to work or study. The tone and tempo of these early hours will carry on throughout your day.

Action: Establish a Morning Ritual

Set a time to rise each working day. Now, if you’re getting up at 8am, don’t try to get up 6am tomorrow. Work towards it by moving your alarm clock back 15 minutes every 3-4 days so that you help your body gradually adjust to a new rhythm.

When the alarm goes off, no snoozes. Pull back the sheet, get up, plant your feet on the floor, shoot a quick prayer to God, to thank him for sleep, ask for strength for the day, and start moving.

Organize your work clothes, your breakfast, your lunch bag, and your work bag the night before so you don’t even need to think about that. A good healthy breakfast will prevent you relying on cookies, candy, and coffee to get you to lunchtime.

Enjoy unrushed, quiet minutes with God in his Word and in prayer.

Initially you could make up a checklist and follow the steps every day in the same order. You’ll eventually do it without thinking.

Almost every great man I’ve ever known or read about rose early and had a fixed morning routine. Winston Churchill was an exception. We’re probably not going to be Winston Churchill.

Real men rise early.

Discussion Questions

1. What is your ideal morning ritual and what are you doing to implement it?

2. Ask men you respect what their morning ritual is. What did you learn from them?

3. What can you do to improve your devotional time with God in the morning?

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