Required Reading

How Do I Choose a Spouse? Seven Principles for Marrying Well
“Whom to marry is the second most important life decision your children will make. The ramifications will go on for decades. Therefore, wise parents regularly talk to their children about how to pick a spouse. They understand that this crucial decision could make or break their children’s earthly journey, and they treat it with a gravity that equals that reality.”

A Parent’s Guide to “Yes” and “No”
“In a broken world where ‘yes’ and ‘no’ mean very little, a counter-cultural family that experiences emotional and spiritual wholeness by living out Jesus’ kingdom instructions becomes a missionary unit by its very nature.”

5 Ways to Lead the Next Generation of Workers
“So how do we teach this important value of work in an effort to raise the next generation of workers? Here are some ideas to consider, especially if you’re a student pastor, children’s ministry leader, or a parent.”

Discipling Our Children Starts With a Question, Then an Answer
“So how do we—as parents, mentors, and church leaders—help the children in our care separate wisdom from folly? We train them as the Church has for generations: we catechize.”

Counseling Biblical Masculine Maturity: Shepherding Young Men Wisely
“Contrary to the culture, the Bible shows that masculinity is to be celebrated. God designed it as a leadership gender role meant to exercise dominion, practice authority and stewardship on behalf of God, and to love others deeply. How can we reconcile the vast chasm of perspective between the world lambasting masculinity as toxic and the God-ordained purpose of masculinity?”

10 Traits of a Humble Leader
“Based on my observations, I’ve noticed 10 common traits of leaders who demonstrate humility, in contrast to those who demonstrate pride. As we all guard our hearts against the pervasive allures of pride and, for leaders especially, the toxic temptations of power, it’s good to reflect on which of these traits mark our own lives.”