Required Reading

Biblical Fathering: On Being Forthright
Also at end of this piece, see links to previous fatherhood articles “On Being Fair, ” “On Being Flexible, and “On Being Firm””

Education and Fatherhood
“My goal is to persuade you of the importance of fathers and father-texts within a biblical theology of education. Although I let readers draw their own practical conclusions, I believe many criticisms of education and culture in our father-hungry age will become obvious.”

Duty and Honor
What is an honorable man? R. C. Sproul answers.

Laziness Is Profoundly Unchristian | Desiring God
“Paul doesn’t assume laziness must mean lostness, but he’s dead serious that genuine Christians don’t stay lazy. In Christ, massive new powers are now in place that make this progress not just possible, but hopeful, even certain.”

The Leader, Exercise, and 4 Ways to Keep Going – Eric Geiger

“For me, exercise is not about getting “swole” but fighting stress. Yes, it still includes stewarding the body the Lord gave me but it also helps me steward the mind He gave too.”

Serious Bible Study Is for Teens, Too
I know we’ve got some teens in the Academy, so here’s one just for you.